If you have ever felt like you have spent way too much time writing research papers, you are not alone. Students often waste more time than they need to on projects like this, when there are experts out there with advice on getting papers done quite quickly. Here are some tips to help you get your projects done faster than you ever have before:

Use an Online Bibliography Maker

You could spend your time writing out the bibliography entries using a style guide, but why would you do that? There are several websites that let you create your bibliography entries and store them in a safe place. There are also some websites that will let you enter a URL and the website will create the bibliography entry for you.

Keep a Sample Paper Nearby

When you are writing your paper, one of the most helpful things to do is to have a sample next to you. This allows you to see what your project should look like. It gives you a good idea about the length and style of the project. Most of the sections of the paper have a recommended length and without a sample paper, you might write too much – which is a waste of time.

Turn Off the Music

One of the biggest mistakes that students make is thinking they can write, listen to music, watch TV, and hangout with their friends at the same time. Multitasking is not something that anyone can do. If you are watching TV, you are not able to write. If you are listening to music, that is all you are doing. The brain can only focus on one task at a time – so focus on writing and you will get it done faster than if you are constantly switching your brain from one task to the other.

Write a Little Bit Each Day

Most instructors do not assign a research paper and expect it to be done overnight. The best way to get the paper done quickly is to actually work on a little bit of it each night. Create a schedule and stick to it. You will get it done without trouble and without feeling like you are cramming all of the work in the night before it is due. Too many students will wait until the last minute and create a bad paper, or they won’t get it done at all.

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