People nowadays are ostensibly interested and concerned in the healthy state of the planet they live in. Moreover, as population rises and people become more connected with others and in the world they live in through transportation, commerce and worldwide communication, then, that interest also increases. Evidently, people’s desire for a healthy and uncluttered planet represents hope for the future.

It is because of the increasing desire to boost the awareness of people especially the youth why most educational institutions and other organizations urge their students to work on research paper topics that focus on keeping the environment clean. Through this, students can learn more on how to take proper care of the planet they live in.

Here are the top 27 research paper topics that are related to keeping the environment clean:

  1. Concerns about the environment, the economy and energy
  2. Overpopulation and the environment
  3. Plastics and the planet we live in
  4. A prudent proposal concerning the globe
  5. The significance of preserving the fragile marine environment
  6. Nuclear weapons and its bad effects on the environment and human beings
  7. Electrical vehicles and their benefits to the planet
  8. The essence of establishing a green work environment
  9. Television’s effects on the natural environment
  10. The bad effect of pesticides on earth
  11. Constructing environment-friendly dams
  12. Are alternative fuels the real solution to environmental issues?
  13. How the planet benefits from recycling
  14. The impact of globalization on the environment
  15. The destruction of the rain forests and the environment
  16. How does our consumption of animal products affect the world?
  17. Environmental issues created by energy and plastic bags
  18. The impact of construction on the environment
  19. Creating a safe and supportive planet
  20. Technology and protecting the planet
  21. How can we help stop the extinction of endangered species?
  22. Chemicals in the environment
  23. Humans damaging the planet
  24. Water, sanitation and environment
  25. Recycling to preserve our environment
  26. It’s time to save the planet
  27. The impact of industrialization on the environment

Since you already have some of the top subjects and themes which you can do an exhaustive analysis with, please be reminded of the following valuable factors to contemplate on when writing:

  • Discover, narrow down and focus on a researchable theme
  • Find, choose and go over important sources
  • Group, sequence and document data
  • Compose an outline and details for yourself
  • Write a good and logical introduction, body and conclusion
  • Do some revisions of the final draft and never forget to proofread the final copy

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