One of the major objectives of writing a research paper is to offer a unique perspective about a certain topic on top of what people already know. It is not like you are educating individuals but you are simply adding something new to existing knowledge. A paper about Pandas therefore is not an exception. You have to write it based on what you have discovered in the field to support what you already know. The prospective audiences have to understand and even compliment your findings. Here is a list of great ideas on how you should make your paper outstanding.

  1. Doing a requisite outline
  2. This is the preparation stage of writing your paper immediately after you complete field study. You now have all information about Pandas so do the following;

    • Take a good look at your findings and make another list of important and unique things you are going to write.
    • Establish subtopics and place all your findings under these subtopics that will later make your topic sentences.
    • Organize your draft in the exact way you want it to appear in the final draft. Ensure that you are making sense and driving your audience from general to specific objective of your research.

  3. Writing your introductory paragraph-an ideal thesis statement
  4. This paragraph should take at least one page. Here you should be able to describe the importance of Pandas. The audience should therefore be able to see their relevance. It is your duty to defend the topic and outline your objectives for the study on Pandas. Look out for any spelling and grammatical errors and correct them. Be clear precise in your description lest you confuse readers.

  5. Topic statements and paragraphs development
    • Topic sentences
    • Use a precise topic sentence to introduce your paragraph. This will tell your readers what you are going to discuss about thus drawing curiosity and attention. For example; “Pandas mostly are found in Northeast Asia” This enables the reader know that you are going to discuss about its origin.

    • Body paragraph
    • The body of your paragraph must be based on your topic sentence. If you deviate, you are going to lose the attention of your audience.

  6. Language
  7. Like any other form of writing, language of the paper should be attractive to the reader. Ensure to use metaphors, similes and other sensory stylistic devices that will enable the readers to see what you saw. Avoid nondescriptive words such as good and bad.

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