You are a student and you still have many years of school, so education is a big part of your life. This is why every aspect related to this is important for you and it’s affecting you directly. Since it’s such a vital part of your life, it should not be difficult to write a research paper about this. Besides, all your colleagues will be interested in your composition, because it is connected to their life. Here are some useful hints that you should consider before you start writing:

  1. Numbers don’t mean much for students. If you want to discuss about the percentage of students who graduated this year, try to use another way of explaining this. If you fill your research paper with statistics, charts and numbers, your classmates will not be interested to listen to you. If you want to get high marks from your professor, you have to get attention from your colleagues.
  2. Discuss about controversial issues in education. You have to challenge your students to get involved in the conversation after you finish reading your research paper in front of them. To do this, you must bring in discussion some subjects that are controversial and that affect them directly. Most of the students do not agree with uniforms, but they think that these could be beneficial. Why not discuss this in your research paper?
  3. Try to emphasize some problems. We all know that the educational system has some problems, but not many people are ready to discuss about this. Why not take the lead and emphasize these problems in your research paper? If more students do this, maybe eventually something will change.
  4. Find out what your classmates want regarding their education. This is a great way to discover new and interesting topics. Ask them directly what they would like you to talk about or what they would want to find out. They will give you some interesting topics to discuss about and you will be sure that they pay attention to you.
  5. Watch the news. Most of the time you will find out about a new law regarding education, and you can talk about this in your paper. Since your colleagues don’t know anything about this, they will be curious to listen to you. Also, your professor will be happy that your composition is informative.

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