Research papers can be really quite easy to create if you write an outline before you begin creating your rough draft. If you make creating an outline a habit with every type of writing assignment you do, you will find your writing will come much easier. Before you can create an outline you have to have your thesis and your thesis statement. Once you have your topic, it is important that you have a sufficient amount of research so you have plenty of information to write your paper. Here are some writing tips to make creating an outline easier:

  1. If you organize your notes as you do the research, you will be able to create your outline easier. While you are researching, start thinking about what your three arguments are going to be and make sure you organize your notes around each of those three arguments and get rid of the rest.
  2. Your first line of your outline is for your introduction which is where you would write your topic sentence. You also want to put a sentence under your first line of your outline that gets the reader interested in the rest of your essay. This hook sentence is very important because it may be the difference between your audience throwing your paper in the garbage or excited to read the rest.
  3. The next three lines at least is for your arguments for your thesis statement. Having three arguments is the best amount but if you have more than that, it is fine. State your argument on the first line if each of the next three lines. Then underneath that make sure you put some details that explain each of your arguments. You should have a couple of details listed under each line for each argument.
  4. The last line of your outline is for your conclusion. It is here that you restate your thesis statement. Make sure you also quickly restate your three arguments that you used to substantiate your thesis statement. You should also write something here that causes your reader to think further about your topic.

Once you have your outline written, the rest of the paper will be easy. Now all you have to do is use your roadmap, or outline, to write your rough draft. Your research paper will flow much better and be easier for your reader to follow so your project will be much better.

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